Deerhunter‘s Bradford Cox continues to push things further into WTF territory with his live performances. We’re not complaining. His unique displays of showmanship fall somewhere between performance art and trolling (we’re still trying to figure it out), but it’s much more entertaining than the usual indie rock stand-around-and-play-instruments type of concert.

Last night Deerhunter stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s show to perform the title track off their upcoming album Monomania, and Cox showed up in a wig, showing off a new alter-ego apparently named Connie Lungpin. Par for the course, but what really has people talking is his bloody, bandaged hand and the fact that it appeared to be missing a finger. Was it just another piece of the performance? Did Cox cut his finger off? What is happening?

Afterwards, Motormouth Media tweeted a picture of Cox with fake blood, a first aid kid, and what appears to be a five-fingered hand, so it seems that this was all part of an act, but following the airing of the show, people were very confused.

Watch the performance above, and see the reactions below: