With Acid Rap coming out tomorrow, Chance the Rapper sat down with Green Label and discussed everything from his influences to his favorite food spot in Chicago. Check out a couple excerpts below, and read the full interview here.

On Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino:

“Yeah, he’s hilarious. It’s funny because he’s a really normal guy, a really calm and chill dude, just in terms of a day-to-day conversation with him. But you know how everybody has those moments when they’re doing back and forth exaggerations and hypothetical situations and they’re joking about some shit? You can’t really top him in that. He’s way too funny because he does it for a fucking living, so it was really hard to do that with him. So I tried to keep all our conversations really serious and would only talk about world issues or the economy and stuff like that.”

On Acid Rap:

“It’s not as conceptual and single-minded. It’s truly an album instead of a project. Acid Rap is about finding my sound, being happy with my music and making great records. I’m a grown ass man now and not the angry kid from that mixtape. I learned a lot because I grew up, and it’s cool because now I can look at all the songs that I’ve made and compare all the songs and see the growth myself. I think that people will be able to make the same comparisons when they hear Acid. But it’s just a dope ass tape. It’s the best tape to come out in 2013, and I’m super hot with the raps.”

On Slam Poetry:

“That’s like the first shit that I was into. It was like the launch point for my rap career. Ultimately it made me better at rapping. I used to perform for this organization in Chicago [Young Chicago Authors] that performs at elementary schools and breast cancer awareness rallies. Essentially shows where I would rap shit that I had written a cappella and get 150 bucks for it. That’s how I was living when I didn’t really have any support, and it helped me understand that rapping could make money and helped me believe in myself. It’s how I became a good orator, how I became more of a people person.”

(Green Label)