DMX has had a tumultuous couple of years. Despite the fact that his arrest record is less than pristine (he’s been arrested “roughly 30” times), DMX revealed in a recent appearance on Iyanla Vazant’s talk-show that he doesn’t find prison that bad due to the fact that he had experienced being institutionalized as a child. He goes on to explain how his mother had “put [him] away” at the young age of 7.

“I enjoyed it,” says DMX. “Being in institutions, I got three meals a day, clothes…” When asked why he felt hurt that his mother had him institutionalized, DMX responded, “I mean, everybody wants their mother to want them. In one breath, I’d be mama’s little man, a man of the house. In the next breath… ‘You ain’t gonna be shit.’ Who am I? Who am I, mom?”

The interview also covers some other fairly heavy topics, from drugs, to DMX’s relationship with his son, to women. These things aren’t necessarily easy to discuss, and judging by the preview clip below, Iyanla and DMX had a tough time with those topics.

Iyanla’s interview with DMX will be aired on April 13 at 9 PM EST on Iyanla: Fix My Life, on OWN.

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