The more I listen to Ghostpoet’s forthcoming album Some Say I So I Say Light, the more I’m becoming obsessed with its twitchy electronic production and the world-weary, brutally honest pessimism of the sometimes mumbled lyrics. The album really doesn’t sound like much else you’ll hear, and although it isn’t an easy listen, I’m certain that it will slowly but surely become close to a lot of people’s hearts, thanks to the combination of relatable subject matter and the unpretentious intimacy of the vocals.

This simple Dave Ma directed video draws on the song’s description of a relationship slowly, inexorably falling apart, and if you’ve ever been the person struggling in vain to keep things together, or the one who’s looking for a way out, you’ll find this video weirdly compelling watching.

Some Say I So I Say Light is out May 6, watch the video for “Meltdown” above, and check out Squarepusher’s stellar remix here.