Lord Huron is riding the wave of interest in their 2012 release Lonesome Dreams that seems to only be getting its proper due in 2013. Frontman Ben Schnieder’s voice on the track “Lonesome Dreams” is so powerful that it feels like a character in a story—no wonder this tongue-in-cheek is styled as an old-timey action film. The clip suits the lightheartedness of the band perfectly. Styled after retro adventure films, the video for reminds why Lord Huron appeals so much, they aren’t afraid to take the old and re-fashion it into something fresh. And they aren’t afraid to laugh a little while doing it.

NPR points out that there is a whole website dedicated to the fictional character depicted in the video—further proof of Schneider’s expansive inventiveness. Schneider says that the video: “[is] based on the first installment of George Ranger Johnson’s adventure series of the same name. It chronicles Huron’s first encounter with Admiral Blaquefut and the beginning of their epic journey and friendship. We tried our damnedest to capture the themes and the spirit of the novel.”