Danny Brown gets a lot of attention for his on-stage antics, his colorful style, and his wild delivery, but the approach to music he’s taken over the past few years doesn’t get nearly enough praise. This is a guy who has been in the game for a while now, and at 30 years old something finally clicked with XXX and Danny embraced everything that makes him the Danny we know today.

This wasn’t all luck or good timing, though. Hearing Danny speak about music, there’s a wisdom that doesn’t always shine through in the interviews where people just want to hear him talk about drugs, sex, and his hair, or whatever.

In this clip, Danny cuts to the essence of what makes him such a unique artist: he’s not trying to do anything, he’s just doing it, and he’s doing it how he wants. Rappers hopping on trends and trying to be cool, take notes—stop trying so hard.