Lorine Chia is easily one of the most intriguing new artists to emerge over the course of the last year, and her latest video “So Shy” drives that point home with her forceful voice masked this time in a laid-back acoustic track. People throw around the word timeless as lot as a descriptor, but the warmth and rasp of her vocals recall both soul and pop influences, melding them with perceptive but specific lyrics that are universally relatable. While she laments, she lounged in a candlelit room, in the bathtub, by the window—just a regular reflection session.

In “So Shy” Chia laments her wallflower ways around a crush—a feeling that nearly any human, if not all of us—can relate to on some level. The pictures she paints of their intimate and carefree relationship is one that is only marred by her unwillingness to open up. But anyone who has heard “Good Enough” knows that she can let loose in spectacular ways. The contrast between this song’s quiet relaxed rhythm and the powerhouse of “Good Enough” reveal that not only is Chia talented, she’s got the whole spectrum covered. Also, the sunglasses she sports in the video are amazing! Hopefully we’ll see more of her style on the forthcoming release Lorine Redux that is slated to be out sometime soon.