First off, let’s start with the obligatory “Thank you Based God.”

Thank you Based God.

Lil B is one of the most entertaining characters in hip-hop music, but while most of his antics are mostly taken as meme-ish humor, underneath it all he’s promoting some honest messages of love, acceptance, and—most importantly—positivity. When many of Lil B’s current fans first heard him, he was something between a joke and a real artist. Sure, he introduced the “based” style of—let’s be honest—pretty careless, off-the-top rapping, but most people latched on because of his cooking dance, his “whoop!” and “swag!” ad-libs, and the fact that he was dressing up in weird clothes and calling himself a pretty bitch. It was different.

But as Lil B’s following continues to grow, so does his dedication to making a positive impact with his influence. Whether it’s telling teens to be confident with who they are, speaking out against bullying and homophobia, or providing tips on how to be more healthy, Lil B is fervent about spreading positivity.

Aside from that one time he gave a speech at NYU, this all happens mostly on Twitter. But today, Rolling Stone published and article by Lil B about Texas Senator Wendy Davis’ pro-choice stance. His main point: “I support Wendy Davis, and I stand with her.”

The California-based rapper explains, “Women’s rights are something that I really care about. Girls of all ages support me, and I want to do what I can to help women feel good. Because that’s going to help out guys, too, you know? And it’s going to help the world in general. We need to understand each other—more empathy, just continuously trying to learn about other people’s situations. Love is the cure to everything.”

Even in voicing his opinion, Lil B remains open-minded and respectful. “I respect where the Republicans come from,” he says. “I’m trying to understand their perspective. But I really do feel like it’s a woman’s choice.” He closes his thoughts with, “I think women are going to keep excelling. We’re going to have a woman president. We need more women in the workforce, way more women involved in running everything. That’s our problem.”

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