The Neighbourhood have come a long way. When the band first started buzzing with “Female Robbery” and “Sweater Weather,” it was pretty clear that they had the potential to get big, and thanks to a steady grind including music, touring, and a clearly defined set of aesthetics and style, the band has delivered on that promising potential. Last night they made their late night television debut on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, and they did it in black and white. Watch them perform “Sweater Weather” for Kimmel above.

The Neighbourhood’s debut album, I Love You., is out now. Read a note from the band’s Tumblr below:

We started this whole thing with a vision. Strong, but simple. Complex, yet minimal. From day one we built a team & adopted people into our family that fit to the shape we were molding. We have done this all together & it has barely even begun.

Things started moving quickly with this project the minute it was an idea. First the internet love. Then signing a record deal. Then touring. Then radio play. Then more radio play. Then more touring…etc. It has been non-stop & it has been nothing short of memorable every step of the way. The coolest part about all of this is that we have not once sacrificed or compromised our vision.

With that being said, we just sat in a hotel room together & watched ourselves on national television on a show that we all grew up watching…

in black & white.

It only feels right to say thank you to everyone who has been part of this from the very beginning. We feel misunderstood in many ways, but tonight, fucking MILLIONS of people got to see & hear The Neighbourhood the way we have seen & heard ourselves from day one.

Thank you for understanding. Thank you for not understanding.