Nardwuar, The Human Serviette has been setting the bar high when it comes to one-on-one interviews. He digs deep for the most obscure information and his quirky demeanor always brings out an interesting side of artists who are usually caught of guard. The best part of his interviews, though, has to be the end, when Nardwuar says, “Keep on rockin’ in the free world, and doot doola doot doo…” to which the artist is to respond with “doot doo!” Of course, celebrities don’t always know this, so responses vary. Some of the funnier ones:

– “Help Me” (Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine)
– “Mmm-hmm” (Jack White)
– “Bukkake” (Hodgy Beats)
– “You’re nuts” (Glenn Danzig)
– “Keep taking the pills” (Peter Murphy)
– “Fuck the free world!” (Tyler, the Creator)

But even better than the doot dooing is the final moment: Nardwuar’s freeze-frame pose. Standing next to the artist, he’ll commit to his stance, complete with a giant smile across his face, no matter what (just see the Mac Miller interview), causing both confusion and awkwardness for the artist. Take a look at some of our favorite endings to Nardwuar interviews, from Snoop Dogg blowing blunt smoke into Nardwuar’s face to Action Bronson jerking off next to the Human Serviette.