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    Beyoncé and Earl Sweatshirt are fans of King Krule

    Buzz has steadily been building around 18-year-old King Krule as the release date of his debut album looms closer and closer. But his buzz expands beyond the basic blogosphere love: both Beyonce and Earl Sweatshirt have publicly endorsed the young UK rocker. Though if you think this has phased Krule, you're wrong. In fact, when he recently spoke to MTV he told them, "It doesn't surprise me. I think my music's good."

    It's a self-confidence that becomes even more awesome when you note that Krule is this tiny, pale red-headed kid. Now if someone like Beyonce ever listened to my music, I'd probably just explode right there on the spot, but Krule? He's walking around pasty as hell without a fuck to give. We see you Krule, keep killin it.