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    Do you want a tour (of Drake's childhood home)?

    If you have yet to properly watch the show that introduced us to Drake, you're messing up. Degrassi is television gold that will probably go down in entertainment history next to series like Seinfeld and The Sopranos. And during Drake's tenure on the show, he resided as Degrassi's heartthrob turned paraplegic (it was all very dramatic). So it makes sense that with a star that shined as brightly as Drake's, people wanted to know more about him. Thankfully, The N was there to help, and aired a Nickelodeon version of MTV's Cribs, during which Drake gave cameras a tour of his childhood home.

    ~*~Some highlights:~*~

    - Drake's "baby" is his 2004 Acura - He sneaks his grandma chocolate - Drake's handmade "vision" table - A cabinet full of sweaters (!!!) - He raps for us - HIS OUTFIT AT 6:05

    Thank you Drake. Thank you Degrassi. Thank you world.