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    Jimmy Eat World covered Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

    Everyone has that one uncle who's reached his mid-thirties and is having a total identity crisis about it. And to prove he's still as young as he feels, he (painfully) tries to show you he's "hip" to pop culture. At every family gathering he opens his conversation with you like, "Ha, how bout that Little Wayne huh? You hear that Lollipop song?" And you have to politely smile and say, "Yea, great song" while you're really thinking "yea great song...when it came out 5 years ago."

    Jimmy Eat World covering Taylor Swift is kind of like that. Look, we get the idea of covering one of today's popular songs but I think I speak for everyone with hearing ability when I say we wouldn't be mad if you only played "The Middle" for say, I don't know, the rest of your career?