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    Some college student thinks it's 1991 and wants Nirvana to play at her homecoming

    A Virginia Tech student recently wrote Nirvana's former record label home, Sub-pop, inquiring if Nirvana could play at her homecoming this year. In 2013. The same Nirvana that broke-up after Kurt Cobain's death in 1994.

    I... but... I just... I give up. I give up on our future generation.

    This is already bad enough, but then the student went on to: - refer to Nirvana as a "she" (WTF) - associated Nirvana with "big acts" like the Ying Yang Twins, and Slightly Stoopid - asked Nirvana to yell "LET'S GO HOKIES!"


    Read the whole, terrible, mind-boggling, depressing letter below: