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    Sufjan Stevens: #1 typography aficionado

    You don't have to know a lot of Sufjan Stevens' music to know he's a weird dude. But if you had any doubt left about his eccentricity, Sufjan erased it with his latest Tumblr entries. Posted this week, Stevens took the opportunity to air his grievances with the font Savages used on their latest album. THE FONT. That's like someone looking at the Mona Lisa and thinking, "Yeah this is nice at all but the frame? Yuck. The frame just does not work with this. Pass."

    "The very cool SAVAGES has allowed a very uncool typographical blunder on its LP cover: Helvetica Narrow (weight loss is the worst thing that can happen to an iconic font, aka iOS 6). Also can we talk about the weird italics (unnecessary affectation, and very un-British), cramped leading (totally unforgivable) and unnecessary line break? Who the Fraggle designed this?"

    Um hey Sufjan? Understood you're not a fan of Helvetica, but just wondering what exactly made that so bad and this okay?