Earl Sweatshirt has dropped the tracklist for his upcoming album Doris via Twitter.

He previously announced that the record would be out in July, and this photo he just tweeted shows all the songs in an iTunes playlist, and the release date slated for the record is now August 20. The tracklist photo is above, and copied down below. Oddly, there are no producers or features on the list Earl shared. Also watch the video for a track off the album, “Whoa,” which features his fellow Odd Future member Tyler, the Creator.

:1. Pre
2. Burgandy
3. 20 Wave Caps
4. Sunday
5. Hive
6. Chum
7. Sasquatch
8. Centurion
9. 523
10. Uncle Al
11. Guild
12. Molasses
13. Whoa
14. Hoarse
15. Knight

The photo below was also posted on OF’s Tumblr. Might this be the album art for Doris?