Last week we were treated to a hilarious video for “36” Chain,” one of the new singles off El-P and Killer Mike’s stellar collaboration project, Run The Jewels. In this vid we see the witty pair run wild in the streets as they frantically search for the kidnapper of their friend and confidant, the drug-addled squirrel Mr. Killums. Think of it as the small screen version of Taken 2 where things get dangerously physical for folks like Andrew W.K. and a nut sack-kicking old woman who quickly gets choked and disposed of by the burly Killer Mike.

The concept for this entertaining short film was conjured up by El-P and ultimately brought to life by director Timothy Saccenti. While it may seem like all silly games and tomfoolery, executing a music video is no easy task. It takes a full qualified team of creative experts to pull off a well conceived set of visuals, and thanks to Myspace we’ve been given an exclusive behind the scenes look at what it takes to put all the proper pieces in place.

This initial peak behind the curtain is just a small taste of what Myspace and Run The Jewels have in store. Beginning this week the site will run a four-part backstage interview and share an exclusive live performance from an El-P and Killer Mike concert. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.