UPDATE: Here’s Jagjaguwar’s non-denial statement: “Foxygen had a great time performing at the Pitchfork Festival last weekend, and they’ll perform to a sold-out crowd in New York City tonight. Foxygen is currently recording their follow-up to We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic in Bloomington, Indiana.” Pitchfork has taken this as direct proof that the band will stay together and also mention that Fey isn’t currently touring with the band. Foxygen also subtweeted us all with this: “ALWAYS, DEFINITELY, BELIEVE THE INTERNET.” Stay tuned.

Elizabeth Fey is a singer/songwriter who makes her own music under the moniker Globelamp and is a member of the band Foxygen—mostly driven by the duo of Sam France and Jonathan Rado—who rose to prominence this year. Their release We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic garnered a lot of attention in 2013, especially from Pitchfork who gave the band Best New Music and are practically the determining factor as to which indie bands build a buzz these days.

Being in a band in 2013 is weird, wonderful and wild, and Fey’s vividly honest Tumblr post indicates the ways in which the music industry is both organic and contrived. The short version? Humans are flawed, jealous, brilliant and dramatic no matter what happens, and especially if fame is involved, and that’s what her missive reveals. One of the best, most interesting perspectives on the rise and fall of a band’s popularity and what goes on behind closed doors. The kicker, via Fey’s Tumblr:

[Sam and I] are going to start our own band. It sickens to me to see how Sam has been walked all over. [I didn’t want any of this negativity in my life, I was just a songwriter living in Olympia and playing house shows. I had no idea that when Sam emailed me that I would be in this crazy whirlwind. You can frame it anyway you want. That I’m “bitter” “angry” “jealous” whatever. It doesn’t matter what you say because I know what is right and what is wrong. I know that it is wrong to treat people like they don’t matter and I hope I never make anyone feel the way that they made me feel. Music is supposed to come from the soul. It should be fun to play with your band. []Despite everything, I love Sam a lot. He is an amazing song writer who will continue to make inspiring music. I really like Foxygen the music, just have some problems with the members. I really do wonder if anyone other than Sam and Justin believe in things like peace & magic.

Read the entire thing here if you’re interested in the band’s trajectory (and drams).