Music and social media are like coffee and hot sauce—both awesome and addicting, but they don’t always go well together. If you get too involved with one, the other becomes meaningless background noise (or in the case of coffee and hot sauce, a festering concoction of aftertaste that leaves your mouth feeling foul), so sometimes it’s important to step back and really focus. Sometimes we need to shut the computer off, ignore the Twittersphere for a while, and get lost in whatever is in our headphones. But sometimes we need to do the opposite. Sometimes we need to turn down the volume and pay attention to what Grimes has to tweet, because if we didn’t do this, we’d be missing out.

In 2013, Grimes really stepped up her Twitter game. We noted this at the beginning of the year, but it’s time once again to bow down to an artist who’s doing social media right. Grimes, some new music would be great, but take your time—as long as we’ve got these tweets, we’re good to go.

Here are some classic Grimes tweets that made us smile, ROFL, or just think, “Damn, Grimes is the fucking best.”