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    Score: 8.6

    It's possible that Björk will forever remain in the mind of American audience's encased in her surrealist Swan Dress—the way that garment has continually resonated with our culture is astonishing, really. But as Friday night's headliner, the steely Icelandic singer seemed determined to make her music the unforgettable part of her set. Which isn't to say that she wasn't decked out in an otherworldly outfit—her silvery, spiny headgear alone made her presence feel more like a deep sea trench urchin than a singer. But backed with a full, female choir and prowling the stage like a predator, Björk proved her mettle beyond a fashion icon—her music flows slow-hot like magma, and then cools into something swirled, blackened, smoky, and strong.

    "Mutual Core," off her 2011 release Biophilia, was a highlight. The video was plastered all over Times Square in an arts partnership this March, something that certainly upped it's exposure. It was also one of the last tracks Björk could perform before her set was clipped by a looming onslaught of lightning and thunder. "In Iceland, this would be nothing!" she chirped in her precious, avian-like accent. And when the rain hit in full force, it felt like Björk had summoned it.—Caitlin White