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    Killer Mike

    Score: 9.0

    Full disclosure: I am not that familiar with Killer Mike's discography—a fact that will change now that I've experienced his spectacular charisma and wisdom firsthand. Plus, the dude practically preached a sermon in between cuts—and it was a fucking great message too, you can trust me on that point as I grew up an Elder's daughter. While Mike reflected on how Chicago needs to take care of each other and how his grandmother raised him—both heart-tugging topics—he took some time to keep it casual as well.

    Reflecting on time spent at strip clubs with his wife and how the strippers would give his wife lap dances for free but make him pay was one such anecdote. Another addressed how he thought the beer that he and co-Run the Jewels rapper El-P concocted for the festival should taste like weed. He doesn't drink so the idea seemed apt. Still, it was Mike's music that resonated the most—lyrically adept and sonically stunning, both his solo performance and later collaborative songs during El-P's later set were impossible to look away from. Watch their performance of "Tougher Colder Killer" from Run the Jewels below.—Caitlin White