The glowworm is a noble beast. Fair, loyal…and vengeful. This new Dead Ghosts video brings us into the twisted and tangled relationship between the glowworm and mankind, opening with a man birthing a glowworm Alien-style. The two cavort from there, throwing on sunglasses and ripping cigs like crazy to the jealous chagrin of more than a few other humans because who doesn’t want to hang out with a chain-smoking glowworm?

Dead Ghosts’ album Can’t Get No is out now on Burger Records. It’s a surf-rock lo-fi vibe that takes you in with an earnestness you don’t expect at first. But by the time that worm starts spinning again, you’ll realize “shit, I’m actually enjoying this!” Kick back and learn about a new kind of love with their first ever music video. As the band admitted on their Facebook, “it’s a weird one.”