Luvian continues his electronic ascension with a new video for his ephemeral “Valley Girl.” Alex Fox a 20-year old Brighton prodigy creating electronic soundscapes that are unafraid to weave in elements of the real into his digital field, evidenced in “Valley Girl” by a sticky rhythm guitar and female vocals.

The video itself seems at first like a wry response to the new ground Luvian is breaking. Scratchy film reels of an 80’s pinup and Los Angeles by helicopter float across the screen, consciously prehistoric. But like the song itself, the video’s solemn persistence holds your attention and reveals itself as a beautiful study of light, color and darkness.

This is Brighton in full sun, the beaches finallly exposed to light. Luvian is just starting to stretch his legs, and with London’s Super Recordings at his back, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for things to come.