Today’s indie music world certainly isn’t void of strong, talented female artists. In fact, these women are more plentiful and influential than ever. Considering this, it takes someone truly compelling to effectively stand out. Melbourne-based Banoffee, however, has done just this with her single “Ninja.”

Opening sweetly, the track relies on a minimalist approach with glimmering synths and Banoffee’s saccharine vocals providing most of the song’s instrumentation. With the video though, we’re able to get a better idea of Banoffee’s (aka Martha Brown) personality, with the singer lacing up for some sort of boxing match; a concept that fits with the warrior message of the song. It’s this intriguing dynamic between Brown’s delicate vocals and her fierce attitude that make her someone to pay attention to and positions her as a worthy opponent in the indie female world (no pun intended). Because by the end of the video, when she sings, “I’m a fucking ninja now” you believe her, don’t you?