On “Hollywood LA,” Chicago’s Vic Mensa reminds listeners he was “16 with a mixtape/Now I’m 19 with a mixtape.” That’s the wonder of Chicago’s SAVEMONEY crew, the diverse and highly talented collective that consists of Vic, Chance the Rapper, Kami de Chukwu, Joey Purp, Tokyo Shawn, Caleb James, and a few others: They’re young (most members are 19 or 20), polished, and getting better as months go by and impressive releases pile up.

The video for Vic’s smooth, downtempo “Hollywood LA” is as good a reminder as any of the young rapper’s charisma and potential as a sharp-tongued emcee with a knack for stacked syllables and melody that invites the listener to sing along. It’s a fitting follow up to “Orange Soda” and another indicator that Vic’s upcoming¬†INNANETAPE¬†should be excellent listening.