In the world of celebrity fandom, there are fanatics, admirers and groupies… and then there are Beliebers. Beliebers are known to be their own entity, a hysteric mass of mostly teenage girls who worship the ground Justin Bieber walks on. They are caring, loyal, devoted and downright terrifying. The latter is a trait TMZ learned the hard way today when they posted a naked picture of King Bieber with a guitar on their website. While a picture like this to a fan group that’s over the legal age to drive would be something to fawn over, this particular group took offense to it and claimed TMZ posted the picture in an attempt to bring Justin down. The result was something similar to the angry mob that forms to charge the Beast’s castle in Beauty & The Beast (hey, we had to throw in some reference they’d understand, right?). Lesson learned: don’t piss off the Beliebers, because when you do, here’s what happens: