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    You can now have your ashes made into a vinyl LP

    If you're still not decided on the whole buried v. cremated debate, a new music company has provided another option. You can now have your ashes pressed into a custom-made vinyl record.

    Honestly, what an idea! I mean, can you imagine being at a party, and someone's like "hey, put that new Wale record on (because someone's always asking for that new Wale LOL!)" and you go to grab for one without looking and they're like, "No, no, that's not a real record–that has my neighbor's cousin's dog's ashes pressed into it. Wale is next to this one." That is not creepy AT ALL. Totally cool and normal.

    Also, this gives a whole new meaning to the lyrics in Flo Rida's "Right Round," doesn't it?