This year’s OVO Fest in Toronto brought some surprises, but nothing was on the same level as Drake bringing Kanye West on stage. It was one of those things that no one saw coming, especially considering the subtle shots that they’ve fired at one another in the past. In addition to suggesting that couldn’t “pretend not to like” ‘Ye with XXL, Drake cleared the air some more during a recent interview, admitting that he wouldn’t want to “engage in any sort of confrontation with that guy” because he actually looks up to Kanye:

It’s tough to get into a war of words with Kanye because he’s a huge reason why I’m here, why I’m confident enough to step to a mic and say, “Ok, I don’t have any murder or bricks or drugs to talk about, but I can tell you about myself, and if you’re willing to listen we can get into it.” Kanye was kind of the first guy to give me that boost of confidence. It’s tough to engage in any sort of confrontation with that guy. At the end of the day, I do look up to him. And if he feels the need to remind people that, so be it.”