Mount Kimbie is on the forefront of Britain’s experimental music scene. Their Cold Spring Fault Less Youth LP has landed the two Brits in company with the likes of James Blake and King Krule. They’ve positioned themselves as pioneering voices of this new electronic frontier, carving a niche in — strange as it may sound — the texture and aura of their sounds.

Their videos tend to reflect that sentiment. In an earlier release of the Krule-featuring “You Took Your Time,” Mount Kimbie employed the same moody contrasts and black-and-white color palette we see here. As is the case musically, the camera stays on one idea for a while, panning slowly over stark treetops and brick walls to draw out the layers they create when superimposed together.

Kai Campos, one half of the duo, said the band aimed to “create something that was bigger than the locations it was shot in” with the video. “[It’s] a multi-dimensional landscape with no direct reference to a specific place – more a familiar but fictional reality.”