Pony Bwoy first caught our attention with the release of this song, “Ævum (time crawls)” on SPIN, and after the release of their self-titled first full-length album they’ve returned with visuals to accompany the mushy, slippery track that premiered on Pure Volume today. Marked by a strange mash-up of hip-hop elements and haunting, folk sounds, the group have managed to concoct a hybrid sound that’s as strange as it is beautiful.

Amidst the spiderweb harmonies and chopped and screwed gruff-spoken lyrics of the song, the video depicts half-naked humans getting doused in a black, sticky tar-like substance and sand or dust, and then, the reverse. A rewind process sucks the syrupy substance back up above the victims. Watch the visuals below and look for more from this intriguing duo, who are signed to Totally Gross National Product, a label that’s co-run by Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon.