Steven Marr and Indira Force first popped onto our radar a few weeks back with a pair of smooth, synth-laden tracks that blend an XX-style male/female vocal interplay with beats that recall Bibio and Bjork. “San Pedro” is one of Doprah‘s earlier releases — “early” here, of course, is a difference of only a couple months. Doprah is one the forefront of New Zealand’s burgeoning neo-soul electronica camp, and they’ve been kind enough to ask us to premiere their first video.

It’s a foggy walk through 9-5 mundanity seen through the gray-green eyes of an unnamed protagonist. Think “Office Space” mixed with “The Machinist” with a dash of the insomnia scenes from “Fight Club.” Jump cuts and repetition work with Marr’s jangling beats to create an eerie world between sleep and dream, coming up for air to suggest realism only to disappear again under the waves.

Doprah is stirring up some witches brew in New Zealand’s clubs these days, but don’t be surprised if they find a way off the island sooner than you think. Check out the rest of their catalogue here.