Snakadaktal is an incredible band name and all (this isn’t verified, but I’m inclined to believe that it’s a combination of “snack” and “pterodactyl,” two things I love very much), but what’s more impressive is their grasp on crafting ethereal music that’ll stick with you, as demonstrated in the lead single from their debut LP. “Hung On Tight” combines atmospheric, mesmerizing vocals and dreamy instrumentals that features a catchy, funky bassline, and it’ll burrow itself into your consciousness, keeping itself there for days.

Its accompanying visuals, however, might not be what you would expect for such a song. Following a man who, at the start of the video, wakes up with a tub of ice and an incision that suggests a missing kidney, it plays out like a that urban legend, a real nightmare. “Hung On Tight” appears on the band’s newly released record, Sleep In The Water. Listen to the single and watch its video below.