Remember when it was 1999, and Bloodhound Gang‘s “The Bad Touch” came out, and it was super controversial? Well, they’ve upped the ante, and were recently egged, deported, and now banned from Russia, all because bass player Jared Hasselhoff shoved the Russian flag down the front of his pants, and took it back out from the back.

Apparently this pissed some Russians off. The group’s headlining slot at Kubana Festival was cancelled, Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky called them idiots, pro-Kremlin youths egged and threw tomatoes at them, and they may be charged with defaming the Russian flag. Hasselhoff has since apologized, explaining that it’s tradition for everything thrown onto the stage to be put down his pants. But we’re probably going to have to side with Russia on this one. Not your best move, Bloodhound Gang.