There has been a lot of mystery surrounding Arcade Fire‘s forthcoming album, Reflektor. From the random graffiti that showed up across the globe, to the track that surfaced out of nowhere (which was later confirmed to be the title track of the album), everything is slowly coming together.

Today, we have the tracklist of the 13-track two-disc record, as confirmed by Amazon France. One title of particular interest is “Porno.” Yes, that’s “Porno,” and unless if there’s some other thing that the word “porno” brings to mind, it’s very likely that Arcade Fire really did name a song after, well, pornography. Awesome. Arcade Fire, if you’re looking for some other song titles for future albums, here are some ideas for you: “Snot,” “Spread Eagle,” “Ron Jeremy,” “Hairball.” If you need others, please feel free to contact me.

The band will appear on the season debut of Saturday Night Live next week, as well as the NBC concert special, which will follow that episode of SNL. Reflektor will be released on October 29. Check out the tracklist below.

Disc 1
01. Reflektor
02. We Exist
03. Flashbulb Eyes
04. Here Comes the Night Time
05. Normal Person
06. You Already Know
07. Joan of Arc

Disc 2
01. Here Comes the Night Time II
02. Awful Sound (Oh Erydice)
03. It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)
04. Porno
05. Afterlife
06. Supersymmetry

UPDATE: Arcade Fire confirms the above tracklist with their Facebook upload below.