As Banks continues her ascent, the mystery begins to dissipate and we start getting an idea of what the Los Angeles singer is all about. She still seems to reveal more in her music than she does in interviews, but in this Q&A with Pepsi she gives us a glimpse into her musical beginnings, how she got her start, and the best phone call she got from a Facebook fan.

On recording music into her phone:

I actually wasn’t making music on Garage Band, I was just writing music on a keyboard and recording it into my phone or a tape recorder sometimes. My best friend sent two of the songs I created to my current manager and it kind of all happened from there.

How she ended up touring with The Weeknd:

Good luck and a little present from the universe.

The best call she got after posting her number on Facebook:

Someone said that they were in a really dark place and didn’t feel like they had anything or anyone. Then they heard my music and it made them feel like there was some light in the world. That there was some other person who has felt this way. He said that this realization made him feel like there would be other realizations like it, so life didn’t seem so dark; just a journey to find more of those realizations. I wanted to hug him and text him all day massaging his mind. It warmed my heart so much.

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