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    You can now buy customized Toro Y Moi skate shoes and skateboards

    In case you were wondering how Toro Y Moi could get anymore chillwave, bro, he's now set to release customized skateboards and skate shoes. Partnering with Vans, the musician designed both a limited edition pair of sneakers and a skate deck which features sketches drawn during his Anything in Return sessions. Now, I'm not a skateboarder at all because I have no balance—I can barely walk across the room without tripping or falling, so this news is kind of whatever to me, but I can tell you someone who is interested in this news. WAYNE. Damn, if you thought Lil Wayne was nervous before, you can bet he's pretty wound up now, hearing there's another musician out there shredding into his skateboard apparel lane. But it's cool Wayne, you really have nothing to worry about. Because I can bet you that Chaz Bundick's not selling any zebra-print pants, you know? So, you've really got the market on lock with that.