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    Oh, you want a model stadium built out of Legos? Here you go.

    My brother and I are only two years apart and so growing up, we were really close. Best friends probably, but if you ask him now he might deny that. Anyway, a big phase we went through when we were younger was The Legos Phase. We fucked with Legos heavy. We had like every set they made, and our basement was covered in Legos. We created a mini-world down there, with houses and a police station and fire trucks. It was the best.

    So when I see something like this, I can't help but appreciate it. Mario Fabrio is the man behind this creation, an exact replica of a real stadium concert that includes every little detail, down to the backstage operations, construction workers, sound board engineers, a red carpet, and back-up singers. Incredibly, there's even a light display and rotating platform. This dude is not messing around. If you want to see more pics (and trust me, you do) check them out at this Lego fan forum. But if you want to see what it looks like for a pirate to be living in his ship next to a log cabin that has a helicopter in its backyard, ask me for my old family photos.