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    Someone made a montage of bad rap moments and it's perfect

    I'm a huge fan of montages. You know that point in every cheesy girl movie where some character wants to turn their life around and they head to the mall with their friends and a catchy song plays in the background and then it cuts to different scenes of them trying clothes on in the dressing room? I live for that shit. When I sense a montage coming, my excitement ranks just above Thanksgiving but riiiight below Flag Day. It's a really big moment for me.

    So, when I saw someone made a montage of bad rap moments, I literally exploded. Like I think my brain just melted, I might have cried, and I definitely fainted. It's awkward, completely cringe-worthy, and 100% what dreams are made of. Do yourself a favor and watch it at least 35-96 times this weekend.


    Here's the full list:

    -A kid from Cincinnati who called himself "Blazin Hazen" (1994) -Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam workout tape (1988) -Wendy's Grill Skill training video -A public access clip starring the Rapping Jewish Mama -Kathy Smith's Pregnancy Workout (1989) -A pirate-themed religious kids show called Captain Hook -A promotional video for an acne product called Retin-A -An educational video called "Let's Rap About Fire Safety" (2000)