Chance the Rapper‘s recent remix of James Blake‘s “Life Round Here” is one of those rare reimaginings that crosses the threshold from “remix” to “collaboration.” Though the artists occupy two very different spaces in the musical spectrum (for now), there’s a mutual admiration going that had Chance “freak the fuck out” when Blake attended one of his shows as SXSW last year.

And in a recent interview with XXL, Chance says the two aren’t quite finished picking each other’s brains. They’re set to release another version of the “Life Round Here” remix as well as some original material. Chance had this to say on the collaboration: “I love his records…so to do another version of one of his songs that I felt was already completed was…you know…you don’t wanna fuck somebody’s shit up. I jumped on it and people seem to like it a lot.”

Stream the first remix below and keep your ears open for what’s next: