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    A man interviewing at Currys was forced to dance to Daft Punk

    Imagine you're walking into a job interview. You have your best suit on, your resume printed, your brain buzzing with thoroughly researched facts about the company. You're feeling good, confident, ready for whatever questions the interviewer has. Then you sit down and the first thing the person your meeting with says isn't "Tell me about your job experiences" or "What makes you qualified for this?" but instead, "Hi, we'd like you to dance to this Daft Punk song." That's exactly what happened to a recent university graduate in England, who applied for a job at retail store Currys only to find out his interview was a dance-off to Daft Punk's "Around the World" between him and the seven other applicants.

    Dude was pissed, and I have NO idea why. I mean, how great of an interview is this? No stupid questions about what your strengths and weaknesses are or what you'd bring to the company, just getting straight to the essentials of what makes someone a worthy employee—quality dance moves. He didn't move forward in the process, but I don't feel bad for him at all because he clearly has no idea what he's doing with his life. Rule #8 of being a human being: no matter what situation you're walking into, make sure you know exactly what kind of dance moves are applicable and when it's appropriate to break them out. This guy didn't know that but you know who did? This kid: