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    If you've ever wondered what a fox says, you're not alone

    There are some days you just hate the Internet. Like when you see people like Rebecca Black getting famous off a song about the day Friday or you spend your whole weekend trying to beat level 73 on Candy Crush. It's an endless black hole that sucks you in with its memes, GIFs, and viral videos.

    But just when you've almost lost all hope in the world wide web, the Internet gods part the clouds of digital Heaven, look down on you and say, "And so it shall be, my child" and they gift you with something so incredibly, bizarrely wonderful that you remember why you begged your parents to get AOL in fifth grade. The above video is one of these things.

    Though Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker (aka Ylvis) are unknown to us here in America, they're fairly well known in Norway, their home country. Luckily, they've brought their talents overseas with "The Fox," which ponders the ever-perplexing question of "what sound does a fox make?" It's hilarious, it's fucking weird, and it's absolutely perfect. Enough from me, just watch it.