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    Neil Young was stuck in the Sierra Desert after his LincVolt broke down

    When Neil Young isn't busy being a living rock legend, he's busy spreading the word about clean energy and sustainability. Recently, Young attempted to bring awareness about the issue by driving across country in his million dollar LincVolt, a Lincoln that is propelled by an electric motor. During his trip however, this LincVolt started having mechanical problems and it broke down, stranding the musician in the middle of the Sierra Desert. Yes, a million dollar electric car and Neil Young were lost in the Sierra Desert, apparently without a working cellphone. Luckily, police officers passed by, saved Young and helped him get back on the road. Now, I really have no idea about any sort of electric cars or sustainability things, but here's just a general life suggestion: how about spend a little less on the car, and instead, spring for a phone that actually works? I know, it's a little out there but let's just chew on it, think it over, see how it plays out.