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    That time Harrison Ford hung out with Raekwon

    Okay, okay so we may be a little late on this picture that Raekwon shared on his Twitter last month, but honestly WHO CARES. It's Harrison Ford throwin up the Wu-Tang sign with Raekwon. Harrison Ford! Raekwon! Harrison Ford + Wu-Tang Symbol + Raekwon = LOL 4life. I mean, what were they talking about? Was Raekwon asking to be in the next Star Wars movie? Did they exchange light saber tips? Did Harrison Ford ask him if having both ears pierced was "too much?" Nobody knows. But I do know, that the only way this picture could be better is if Chewbacca was there. Like, Han Solo was a hottie and obviously Luke was the hero, but Chewy? Chewy was the damn star. Chewy, if I ever meet a member of Wu-Tang, I'll be sure to call you.