Well, this made my day. DMX went on Dr. Phil against his and gave on of the greatest interviews of all time. OF ALL TIME. Dr. Phil is a hard man to go toe-to-toe with one-on-one, but just as he did during his meteoric rise to stardom, DMX refused to submit to the usual line of questioning and managed to give his side of the story without ever subjecting himself to the villainous portrayal often hung around his neck. Though the man himself has been through more than his fair share of ups and downs recently, the interview is full of gems. The interaction between the two vastly different men makes for great TV and a surprisingly engaging conversation. My favorite Dr. Phil quote has to be “was there ever a time when you didn’t try to get a woman pregnant?” Or maybe when DMX tells the host to shave his head and embrace his onset baldness.

But throughout the video, DMX proves himself to be a pretty smart guy despite the 25 arrests Dr. Phil tries to go through one by one, unsuccessfully. He faces his own shortcomings honestly and makes no apologies for his lifestyle and the choices that came as a result. What comes next for the rapper is a huge question mark. His relevance isn’t exactly peaking right now. But with 11 kids and a 12th on the way, something tells me DMX is cooking something up.