You were worried about Flo Rida. Admit it. No one had heard from him in what seemed like months, so it was easy to let our minds wander to dangerous places. Maybe you started stressing over the fact that this silence was the result of Flo locking himself in a studio, carefully creating the next “Low” or “Right Round,” which would inevitably make its way to your radio and haunt you in your dreams. Or perhaps you were concerned that his MIA status could mean he was busy throwing himself into a new endeavor, like acting or, God forbid, fashion. If your thinking erred towards the latter, you were on the right path, but the reality of the situation is far, far worse. Because while Flo Rida was taking a break from making puppies cry and draining rainbows of their colors, he was busy signing on to this fuckery of a new musical instrument: Beamz by Flo.

Beamz by Flo (aka”the future of interactive music”) is a new instrument featuring light beams that, when triggered, produce sound effects similar to those found in a full DJ set. The Beamz comes with prepackaged songs by Lady Gaga, Pink, Justin Timberlake and, yep you guessed it, Flo Rida. Because what’s a real party without “Club Can’t Handle Me!” The best part of this whole business venture though, is this commercial he made for it. Instead of trying to explain it to you, we pulled the best screenshots from it so you can get the full idea of how bizarrely hilarious and cringe-worthy it actually is. So when Flo asks you “Who wanna try my Beamz,” trust us when we say you’ll probably want to answer “yes, this please.”