If you’ve spent a fair share of your time digging through the endless caverns of YouTube in search of distraction, you may, at one point or another, have encountered ferrofluids–liquids that react in uncharacteristic ways when they come in contact with magnets (you can watch a nice explanatory video here).

In the hands of producers Sinjin Hawke and Morri$, ferrofluids serve as fitting inspiration for their new collaborative track of the same name, a pulsing, shimmering, beautiful head trip, their magnetized point of reference personified in stop start rhythms, gooey synths, and otherworldly arpeggios. Fittingly, the video portrays a ferrofluid through 3D animation–it’s not quite as hypnotic as some of the YouTube clips you might come across, but it’s definitely enough to suck up four minutes of your time without you noticing.

“Ferrofluid” was released via Fractal Fantasy, a site that features little in the way of information and much in the way of psychedelic visuals.

(Dummy Mag)