Daniel Woolhouse a.k.a Deptford Goth had discovered an old abandoned church just around the corner from his South London home. When success found young Woolhouse, he returned to the church with a full gospel choir to perform his own music. The result is a Noisey-produced six-minute masterpiece covering “Feel Real.”

The space is empty besides the composer, a couple MIDIs, and a chorus of singers bouncing off each others voices. The walls do their fair share too, adding some natural reverb to the song and rounding out the atmospheric edge. Woolhouse speaks about the significance of trying your music in different space, discovering the possibilities inherent to re-imagining the same notes in a different voice. “Quite a few people suggested I do something with a gospel choir,” said Woolhouse. “For a lot of live shows, I’ve brought in live strings and that seemed to make sense, so it also seemed to make sense to do it with live vocals.”