Today, we know Haim as a trio of sisters who emerged with Days Are Gone, one of the most impressive debut albums of the year. They’ve got a knack for big hooks and catchy melodies, but the music is rooted in skillful instrumentation and a classic rock vibe. With so much of music being electronically crafted these days, the girls stand out by¬†weaving organic elements into their pop and they’ve¬†gained a reputation for putting on a great live show.

But not so long ago, a couple of the Haim sisters were involved in a very different musical endeavor. Este and Danielle were members of the mid-2000s all-girl group called Valli Girls. Watch a video from Valli Girls above, and check out some pictures from the sisters’ Valli Girls days below. They’ve come a long way, but the legendary bass face was in full force, even back then.