The roll-out for Arcade Fire‘s for their forthcoming album, Reflektor, hasn’t necessarily been run-of-the-mill. From mysterious graffiti appearing in random locations around the world, to a highly-publicized NBC concert special, it looks like the band just wants to have a bit of fun while building some excitement for their project.

Last night, the collective held a show at a Brooklyn warehouse. According to Rolling Stone, LCD Soundsystem‘s James Murphy apologized to the crowd at the start of the show, informing them that only three members of AF could attend. “The Reflektors” then came on—three people in papier-mâché bobble-heads, like we saw in the “Reflektor” video—to play for a little bit, before a curtain was drawn to reveal a bigger stage with Arcade Fire on it, who then played “Reflektor.” We’re certain that a wave of relief was felt through the crowd.

It doesn’t look like we’ll be able relive the antics from the night (apparently Win Butler told the crowd that they weren’t going to play anymore songs, and for them to go home if they weren’t pleased, but then proceeded to DJ for another hour), but above is some footage of the band playing the title track from their pending record. Reflektor will be released on October 28.

Set List
“Flashbulb Eyes”
“We Exist”
“Normal Person”
“Joan of Arc”
“Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”
“Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)”
“Here Comes the Night Time”

(Rolling Stone)