Kanye West is deep in a heavy promotion cycle alongside his current Yeezus tour, which restarted last Saturday in Philadelphia, and just today three new bits of West-featuring press have appeared. In the video above, Kanye talks to Wired 96.5 in Philadelphia, with the most interesting takeaway being his love of James Blake, who is “his favorite artist” right  now. Kanye also talked to Philly’s Hot 107.9 in Philadelphia, and you can watch the three parts of that interview below.

Moving away from the more traditional radio interviews, Kanye was on the inaugural episode of American Psycho writer Bret Easton Ellis’ podcast, talking movies, art, fashion, and creativity. It’s a nicely balanced and equal conversation with someone Kanye clearly respects, and alongside a lot of great discussion, Kanye drops some self-aware comedy gold, saying that he would write “creative genius” as his title but he sometimes spells “genius” wrong. Listen here, and be reminded about Kanye’s “worldview of being super-dedicated to awesomeness.”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3